Working with Children

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  • Moline Youth Center:
    • Literacy Program (T, TH 3pm-4pm)
    • Kids Club (T, Th 5pm-7:30pm)
    • Super Saturday (Time varies)
    • Wednesday Early Out (1:30pm-2:30pm)
  • Rock Island Youth Center
    • Kids Club (M, W 5pm-7pm)
    • Literacy Program (M, W 3pm-4pm)

Working with Teens

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  • Moline Youth Center
    • Leadership Academy (M 5-8:30pm)
    • Open Center (M,W 3:30pm-5pm)
    • Guys Night (M 6pm-8pm)
    • Girls Night (W 6pm-8pm)
    • The Bridge (F 3pm-5:30pm)
    • Teen Night (Sat 6:30pm-8:30pm)
    • REACH (MWF)
  • Rock Island Youth Center
    • Open Center (T, Th 3:30pm-5pm)
    • Guys Night (T 5pm-7pm)
    • Girls Night (Th 4pm-7pm)
    • Teen Night (Sat 7pm-10pm)
    • REACH (M,W, F)
  • A.D. Skills Outreach
    • Thurgood Marshall Learning Center (M-F)
    • Edison Junior High (TBD)
    • Rock Island Academy (F)
    • Community Performances

Camp Summit

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  • Work Crew (Thursdays year-round)
  • Camp Meal Prep & Service (M-F June-July)
  • Spring Clean Up Days

Data Entry

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  • Administration & Development
  • Children’s Book Room
  • Food Pantry Office: (M, T, W, F 9am-12pm)

Mailing Crew

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  • 2nd Tuesday each month 9am-12pm

Cleaning Volunteers

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  • Moline Youth Center
  • Rock Island Youth Center
  • Camp Summit

Food Pantry

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  • Client Services : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-12pm
  • Food Delivery: Tuesday 8:30am-10:30am

Special Events

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  • Trivia Night
  • Annual Spring Banquet
  • Fall Banquet at Camp Summit
  • Golf Tournament for Youth
  • Summer Camp Kick-Off
  • Back to School Bash
  • United Way Day of Caring
  • Christmas Open House
  • Operation Christmas
  • Christmas at Camp

Volunteer Opportunities for Small Groups

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YouthHope’s Mission is to bring at-risk children and teens from low-income areas into life-changing relationship with Christ by encouraging, equipping, and empowering them at Youth Centers, Camp Summit, and Community Outreach Programs.

YouthHope Values: Authentic Relationships, Pursuing Kids, Create Healthy Community, Growth in Christ!

Small groups help support YouthHope staff and regular volunteers to run great programs!

  • Clean Youth Centers: Moline & Rock Island locations
  • Maintenance of buildings or vehicles
  • Work Days at Camp Summit
  • Serving meals
  • Fundraising Events
  • Material provision (collect monthly materials needed ex. School supplies in July)
  • Prayer Partners
  • Encouragement of staff and volunteers 
  • Administrative projects
  • Facilitating games during regular programs
  • Food Pantry: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays (9am-12pm), Tuesday Truck Delivery (9:30am-11am)
  • Mailing Crew: 2nd Tuesday each month (9am-11:30am)
  • Program Support: Monday-Saturday programs offered each week (see below)
  • Super Saturday Support/plan (see below and talk to Stacy about it)
  • Special programs or work days for special projects
  • Back to School Bash (July/August)
  • Thanksgiving Baskets & Operation Christmas

Program Support

  • Help supervise and engage kids in activities during free time
  • Prepare Meal (need food service license)-2 adults
  • Clean play area and organize toy rack (1-2 adults)
  • Serve Food (need food service license) (2-3 adults)
  • Vacuum/clean vans & bus (2 adults)
  • Sub for missing Kids Club Coaches
  • Participate/Lead worship music
  • Participate/Lead game
  • Help with check-out and load kids in vans
  • Cleaning after program

Super Saturday Ideas

  • Prepare a monthly event for YH kids or teens (could be a one-time event)
  • 20-24 kids at YouthHope or at your Church
  • Include Meal, Craft, Games 
  • Kids: 11am-1pm
  • Teens: 6pm-8:30pm

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